Tuesday, March 19, 2013

notd: Luck of the Irish (or not) – St. Patrick’s Day Manicure

This post is very late, in that way that mani’s created for special days or occasions are. I was excited to wear my green mani this St. Patty’s Day and was looking forward to the fabled luck of the day. Instead I woke up to some bad luck. Beginning with the fact that I broke two nails, my internet and cable went out and stayed out- meaning this mani couldn’t be posted to begin with (at least with Instagram I have proof that I had it on and deserved no online pinches!), then the cable company acted a fool and continued to do so all through the week. If for the rest of my days I don’t have to speak with Time Warner, it will be too soon!!

But on to the cheery bit once more!

I used San Francisco (Sinful Colors) which is a dark green shimmer I’ve swatched before here. Three coats of that were needed for the pic here because it’s a bit sheer but it does build up. I then added Call You Later (Sinful Colors) which is a great glitter full of green and gold glitter of different but relatively small sizes. I’m now afraid I won’t get to use this glitter again till next year!

I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this though I’m sad I didn’t get to blog about it on time! Better late than never, though! I hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick’s day celebrations (without being pinched for the lack of green)!

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