Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gift of Sparkle (Color Club) - I've Got The Blues (The Good Kind!)

After Get Your Number (OPI), I decided I needed a blue polish week in my life. As I rummaged through my stash I noticed an unswatched mini of Gift of Sparkle from Color Club's recent winter collection (speaking of, I hadn't watched the two polishes from that group that I have). So here it is, in all its blue loveliness.

This was essentially a one-coater, but in disbelief and paranoia I added a second one but could have done without and been fine. For a foil, the formula was extremely easy to work though it does need a top coat for maximum shine, but that's not a complaint, just a note. What is a complaint is the smell. For some reason, only the Sally's packs were scented and I really wish they weren't. The fruity smell they were going for just mixes in with the normal nail polish smell and it aggravated the back of my throat till I slapped some top coat on it. I'm in love with this blue and don't know how I'll bear removing it!

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