Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sinful Colors Haute Rebel Collection 2013

Hello 2013!

I've been a bit off my polish game for the holiday season. I work retail so you can only imagine what the holidays were like for me. Let's just say I was low on cheer and goodwill thanks to every Christmas shopper ever. Now everyone's broke and staying home which is WONDERFUL for me because it gives me a chance to give my nails a look more than once in a long while.

I started off the year by buying way too much nail polish and now up are my favorite picks from Sinful Colors Haute Rebel collection. Rain Storm, Mesmerize, Beau Khaki, and Mauve. I like that a lot of this collection is muted colors- completely opposite what I'd expected from them for this spring (maybe it's not the only one, idk).
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Now Sinful Colors does this thing that annoys every polish lover; recycling! Which is how I ended up already owning Rain Storm (original post) which is, admittedly, a beautiful blue that can deserves to be recycled.

Next up is Mauve; I don't think I can describe this color more perfectly than... well, mauve. Think of it as a very very very greyed out lilac. It's a bit thin but nothing that affects application too significantly. Two coats are all that's needed for opacity. I love how quiet the color is and that it's not so perfectly pastel that it's out of place in winter with the chill and grey sky. Unfortunately the color doesn't really pop in with the flash (and the picture's too dull without it). Think the shade on the pic but a bit darker with a lot more grey.

My next pick is Beau Khaki. Let's all have a moment of silence for Sinful Color's color naming dignity. *sighs* Despite the awful name, I like the color a lot. It's a creamy military khaki that leans more green than the usual yellow. Application was in true SC style, done and done in two coats with a natural gloss about it. Honestly my only complaint is the name (and I suppose that's only if you know what it references- if you don't, you may be all the better for it, actually).

My last pick is from the darker of the polishes in this collection. Mesmerize is a very dark and muted violet creme. It took my breath away when I first saw the full effect after two coats. I love near black colors like these that vamp up a look without taking it all the way to the dark side. Sinful Colors has done it again with the dark cremes. I'm in love with this one; definitely the favorite of the collection.

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