Friday, January 25, 2013

No Plain Jane (China Glaze)

This is another one I found in my old files, No Plain Jane (China Glaze) from their 2012 Bohemian Collection meant to showcase duochromes.

No Plain Jane is definitely a duochrome, visibly shifting from purple to gold to champagne depending on the light it catches, both in artificial and natural light. It's not as brilliant by itself when worn without a topcoat however, but I find I like the way the purple shimmer catches the light when it shifts to purple making it look frosty. This is an excellent winter color and with the way the weather's been, fits the season perfectly.

Application was a breeze and though sheer, it didn't take as many coats as I expected it to. These pics were done in three coats with no top coat. It dried pleasantly fast and as for wear, all I have is really mild tip wear but that's a factor of my job more than anything.

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