Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quick & Dirty Election Celebration - The Four More Years Mani

Good job, America.

I was so hype and crazy and sleep deprived, I'll tell you that clean-up was not a priority. Did this mani waiting for those speeches after the vote was called for my President, Barack Obama.

I used Frostbite (China Glaze), an unknown LA Colors, and Ruby Pumps (China Glaze) for the Red, White, and Blue (an obvious emphasis on the blue ~_^)

Then because it was that kind of occasion, I brought in three different glitters: Starry Silver (NYC), New Year's Kiss (Fergie Wet n Wild), and a random star glitter I bought at a random store :) They don't photograph well but trust me, I'm blinging.

Anyway, thanks to all who voted! I'm going to see about some sleep now.

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