Thursday, September 6, 2012

A is for Awakening (China Glaze)

Today marks the beginning of the alphabet challenge, wherein I try and find a nail polish for each letter of the alphabet. I can't promise to do it everyday, and I can't promise it'll be be new colors, heck I can't even promise to do it in order, but I will complete this challenge if it's the last mani I do!

Hopefully before we ring in the New Year. Heh.

Awakening (China Glaze) is part of the brand's core collection, I think- at least from the displays I've seen it seems to be. It is a pretty shifter though it's probably a love it or hate it kind of polish. I can't pin the color down though my camera seems to think that pink, gold, and purple seem to be in the running. I did a wikipedia color search and a mix of rose and mauve seems to be the closest approximate. Sort of. It's not exactly a color that calms down long enough for me to pin it down. With all that, it still manages to be subtle and not at all outrageous for all its depth. Application was simple and straightforward and I was done in two coats. If you like this sort of color, get it!

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