Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Downtown Ice (NOTD)

This mani was a bit of a journey.

First, I very slightly frankened up my two main bases, Chinatown (NYC) which is a dark violet black polish with subtle shimmer, and Cheatin (Pure Ice) which is a blue and purple glitter. I added Soft White (Milani) to Chinatown to make it just a note lighter and creamier. However because Soft White is a very runny very sheer formula, it sort of contributed the runniness to Chinatown that made it hard to control. It all worked out color wise, however, and the result was this soft dark violet that reminded me of an early night sky (without the stars, yet).

1 coat of Chinatown + Soft White
2 coats of Chinatown + Soft White
Next, I grabbed my Cheatin, which is a pretty but otherwise plain blue and purple glitter polish, and added Oscar (Julep). I chose this combination because I wanted to sass up Cheatin which I liked and use up Oscar which I didn't like. The result was a light dusting of gold in Cheatin that I'm going to be progressively adding Oscar to as I continue to use up the polish. Just for extra kicks, I added a minute amount of Starry Silver Glitter (NYC) but that didn't show up in all the nails except some, where you can see the larger hexagonal blue and pink macro-glitter. I only used one coat of this because I wasn't going to be wearing this mani for long and I didn't want to struggle with getting it off (I don't want to have to resort to the foil method for a one day mani). I finished it all off with a topcoat, off course.

I called this combination Downtown Ice because it reminded me of what the downtowns of cities look like as the night begins and all the lights come up and it's multi-colored artificial lights everywhere and the sky never looks quite dark enough.

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