Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Leopard (Art)

So just for kicks, I decided to try my hand at nail art yesterday so I volunteered a friend's nails- they didn't mind being my guinea pig.

French White (L.A. Colors)
Price: $1.00 (CVS)
MSRP: $2.00 
Pink Promenade (NYC)
Price: $0.99 (CVS)
MSRP: $0.99 
Art Deco 902 Black (L.A. Colors)
Price: $1.00 (Dollar Tree)
MSRP: Unsure
It went... alright-ish.

Not bad for the first try ever, done at 3am in the morning no less!

I was using a really horrid nail art brush from LA Colors Art Deco to do the black rings around the pink spots (NYC's Pink Promenade). The brush bristles straight up stuck to the nail and the black polish was so sticky I couldn't actually do a complete turn. On one hand, it made the spots look more realistically leopard, on the other hand it smudged or left thin lines of goop where I didn't need it to. Add to that it didn't really dry quickly so when I went for the top coat, it spread with it.

She ended up linking it; they looked pretty good from afar, so there was that.  

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