Sunday, January 18, 2015

Spitfire (SinfulColors)

I leave the polish world alone for a few months and I come back and SinfulColors not only produces a lemming worthy shade in that time but also promptly decides to make it HTF (Hard To Find) by discontinuing, or at least it seems that way, the entire line from their most popular retailer! Leaving alone the fact that I just bought the raved over Prosecco for three times its former price, I decided to go ahead and snag whatever shades were left of the line in my local Walgreens. For the most part, I'd ignored the SinfulShine line, thinking it would always be here and I'd have an opportunity to try it when I ran through all the SinfulColors shades. If I only new.

In any case, here's a lovely blue toned lilac called Spitfire, radiant orchid anyone? My one complaint is that it is rather sheer and runny for a pink creme, and definitely below SinfulColors' creme standards, and it took three coats with some drying time in between to reach opacity. Otherwise, it's super shiny and pretty and dries rather fast so I'm not feeling like I have to complain much too much. I really wish they didn't decide to let this drop from circulation at Walgreens.

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