Saturday, January 31, 2015

China Glaze Road Trip for Spring 2015 Swatches: Part 1 - Brights

I got them! My picks for China Glaze's Spring 2015 Road Trip Collection. Kudos to Head2Toe Beauty for startlingly fast shipping. I have to say though, that application is a bit of a problem with these polishes. The thin and runny nature of the shimmers and cremes means that finding a balance between layers to avoid either drag or puddling. It's up to you to decide if you like them enough to work through that.

First up, License & Registration Pls. It is probably the most uninteresting shade of polish in this collection. Pretty standard blue creme, but lovely all the same. It's also the one with the best application and two quick coats I could have done blindfolded was all it took. Tempted to keep it for just that.

This is Sun's Up Top Down. It's a loverly bright yellow with subtle shimmer. It needed around two or three coats, to level out. This one had a tendency to puddle and run which either created little pools at the tips or dags at the root. However, the warmth of the yellow makes it exceedingly wearable.

I love this one, this is Trip of a Lime Time, a yellow leaning chartreuse creme. Application was shaky, despite it being a creme, and it went on opaque after three coats. While noticing the bald spots was a disappointment, I would gladly ignore it for its brilliant color.

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