Friday, August 1, 2014

Pinky Glitter (Sinful Colors) & Hottie (Sinful Colors)

These pretty darlings are Pinky Glitter (Sinful Colors) and Hottie (Sinful Colors).  

Pinky Glitter is a lovely baby pink glitter packed with multi-size small glitter flakies. It is a very sheer jelly, but three to four coats is worth it for the final look. I'm loving it for my extra femme days when I want my tips to feel all dainty and the like.

Hottie is a blue jelly packed with the same kind of glitter in Pinky Glitter. It has the same consistency and needs the same amount of coats. These would also look good over other polishes, especially Hottie over dark polishes. Throw a top coat over these two for maximum glitz; they don't dry matte but not as shiny as it could be.

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