Tuesday, July 8, 2014

PiPaya (SinfulColors) & Solar Flux (Snful Colors) - Summer 2014 Silk + Satin Collection

Sinful Colors is on its usual strategy of marathon collection releases (which I don't mind since they've been better at not just recycling old shades all throughout). One of them is their Silk + Satin collection for Summer 2014. The finish of these polishes is between a creme and a matte finish, ending up with a lovely subtle rubbery look. I got picky and grabbed the two shades that got my attention first.

PiPaya is a lovely coral based shade of red. Application was butter and I got what I wanted at two coats. I love the softness of this semi-matte look, especially on this shade. Definitely my favorite of the two!

Solar Flux is a buttery pastel yellow with the slightest green tinge. The rubbery finish isn't as visible on such a light shade, but it is still visibly different than a creme yellow. Application quality of yellows isn't different when you change their finishes. It was certainly tougher than PiPaya, and at three to four troublesome coats not at all easy. Pretty thing all considered.

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