Friday, December 20, 2013

Envy (Hard Candy)

A dark green shimmer.

I die.

This flawless (I've been using that word way more than I should since the Beyoncé released her album, praise!) green amazingness is Envy (Hard Candy). I haven't bought Hard Candy products since I was twelve, but damn it this green makes me cry inside. I die for almost-black green bases with green shimmer teasing through. Application is pretty good, though letting the first coat get a bit dry will avoid any weirdness, and 2 coats was enough.


If you've never messed with Hard Candy before because of flashbacks to middle school, go ahead and try it. Hard Candy has been re-inventing their brand lately and while I can't say I've been too much of a fan of the others, this one is definitely worth the second look.

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