Sunday, December 15, 2013

Downtown LA (American Apparel) and Bold Gold (Sally Hansen) Swatches & Review

This is a mani I'm definitely going to recreate pretty soon!

Downtown LA is a standard red crelly that can be found in most brands' collections at least once. Still, it's pretty lovely and a year round standard. Application was okay, but a bit sheer and at two coats I could spot VNL in bright light but it wasn't so noticeable as to be distracting.

one coat; no topcoat

This has been a year of mainstream brands biting indie style. Bold Gold is a recently released glitter from Sally Hansen. It's got multi-size black and gold glitter (and thankfully the only way to do bar glitter, sparsely!) in a clear base. It's not easy to get a great mix of everything, the base is very thick so by the time you tap or swipe the excess of the brush, you lose quite a bit of glitter. Still, black and gold to switch up the standard black and white mix; I love it for the season.

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