Thursday, December 5, 2013

24/7 (Sinful Colors) Swatch & Review

It was 80 degrees out here yesterday.

In December.

If the weather gives me summer temps, then I feel I have to give as good as I got. With respect to the particular madness that is the weather out here lately, which usually means we're in for an ice storm or something like that, I broke out a neon.

24/7 (Sinful Colors) is a blue-toned neon pink polish. It dries matte like most neons and application is to the standard of matte polishes. This means a little care is required but I managed it with two coats for these swatches. I've seen it marked as a dupe for Shocking Pink (China Glaze), but then again it's not exactly difficult to find neon pink dupes.

One the best ways to wear my favorite black & white glitter polish, Sticks n Stones (Ninja Polish) is to layer it over a neon. I'm never over how fun this glitter is. No nail ever looks like the other and I feel like I discover a new shape or size of glitter (even though by now I had to have seen all the shape and size combos).

What are your favorite layering combos?

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