Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Burnished Gold/Caramel Crush (Forever 21) Sand Lacquer

I completely missed these trendy texture polishes called Sand Lacquers from Forever 21's cosmetic line, Love & Beauty. I'm feeling a bit devastated, because I missed a chance to grab two colors in particular, Black Glam and Metallic Love. Still, as consolation prizes go, the five I managed to get are pretty awesome.

These texture polishes are easy too apply, mostly two-coaters, and don't require a topcoat to get that desired rough sparkle. I have noticed that a thin top coat almost seem to saturate the overall color of the polish while still maintaining the texture feel (albeit a lot smoother). Either way, drying time was super quick.  They are, of course, horribly difficult to remove and I always have to wash my hands to get rid of lingering glitter around my fingernails (not a very troublesome issue, I'll admit). Another interesting tidbit about these polishes is that their bottle label names do not much their online listing name.

Burnished Gold listed on the website as Caramel Crush, which I think is a more accurate descriptor of its color. It's a dark caramel base filled with gold, pink, and copper flecks that made this a bearable shade for my skin-tone; the sparkle makes it feel pretty delicate, in my opinion. Application was standard and easy at two coats for opacity.

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