Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nail Polish Organization Conquered!!

I recently cut my stash down to around a quarter, unexpectedly, that clean out didn't seem to make a single dent in the pile. I'd gotten to a point where I had too much polish! Turns out there is such a thing when you can't even find the shade you want because you gave up searching. I felt absolutely gutted by the clean out and I knew that it wasn't that I had too much polish, so much as it was that I didn't have accessible visual  organization. So I went ahead and searched for ways to beat this problem.

Inspired by this post over here by Nail A College Drop Out, I got on ebay and ordered myself a couple hundred (literally 200) to begin with. I used up about half and some change of that initial order and I'm looking forward to using up the rest.

Other than the swatch sticks, turns out all I needed was a permanent marker, some patience, and Netflix. I'm going to look into getting some book binders or very large key rings because the large screws they come with can be a bit of a hassle when I need to fit a shade in the middle of a color group, say. Still, it's relatively low-maintenance and it gives me exactly what I need. Easy visual organization.

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