Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sugar Rush (Sinful Colors) - repost with full collection

Spring is in for Sinful Colors and we've finally got the gorgeous Easter toned pastels we've been waiting for all season.

China Glaze released their spring collection first, and I almost grabbed everything in sight, but luckily I saw sense and instead waited to see what this collection would have and for a fraction of the price. (I couldn't resist Fancy Pants though!) I'm used to the spring colors being the most troublesome application/formula wise so there's no need for me to grab two shades of the same problem, no matter how pretty. I'm glad I did too, because Sinful Colors came through with exactly what I was looking for (and not a mint shade in sight, either!)

On to the goodies!

Up first is Orange Cream which is really more like peach cream. This pastel is gorgeous and surprises with a touch of shimmer. Application is a bit tricky and I recommend at least three coats to get things to settle somewhat and more than the usual drying time between coats. The result is worth the care and I'm looking forward to showing off this spring perfect peach for the coming season.

Sweet Tooth is a gorgeous lilac with the same subtle shimmer as Orange Creme. Application was a lot better and it only took two coats for opacity. Still, it's a pastel so there were some expected control issues but overall it is one of the better formulas.

Sugar n Spice is a gorgeous blue toned pink shade with lovely shimmer that makes what would be a bit of a harsh pink look almost delicate. Application was alright and two coats for opacity was perfect. I like that it's a bit of a transition shade that could easily move from spring to summer. Yay, versatility!

The last of the subtly shimmering shades, Candy Coated is a gorgeous lavender with uber subtle shimmer that neverthless catches sunlight but not a lot of indoor lighting. I like that application was good and two coats were all I needed so even though I wish the shimmer was stronger, I am okay with what I got.

Named for the collection, Sugar Rush was the hardest for my camera to catch (it does weird things with pastels). It is a very light blue creme. It gave me quite a few issues with the formula (it settled very oddly on the ring finger) and it was almost as troublesome as Orange Creme with nowhere near the gorgeous payoff.

Cotton Candy is a bubblegum pink creme with strong blue undertones. One of the easiest to apply in this collection, it went on smoothly and was opaque in two coats. This is one I wish they'd have added some subtle shimmer to, especially since pink is one of the most re-done colors in the polish world. Still, if there was anywhere to place a pink like this, it would have to be among these shades.

Sweet Nothing, and I love that name by the way. The color is a bit out of place for a spring collection but it calms down all the pastels. The light teal seems a lot brighter in flash and sunlight than it does indoors in artificial light. Application was a breeze and it covered easily in two coats. Definitely the easiest of these to manage!

Finally, I already had Unicorn which is a repromote, but thankfully the only repromote in this collection. It's a quiet buttery yellow creme that I think would work for most skin tones. Application demanded some care and definitely required three coats. Then again, I've never come up against a yellow that wasn't a bit headache inducing to apply. Pretty polish though!

All in all this is a lovely collection. My biggest critique is that the formula could use improving but I wasn't expecting the moon with pastels. My favorite thing about the collection is the surprise delicate shimmer in some of these, it made it a bit more than the usual fare.

I'm always glad that Sinful Colors does so many collections; it's a great way to get a lot of season-appropriate polish without draining the budget! So if you're looking for a way to be on trend this season, grab the lot of them or grab your picks, it'll be all around worth it!

What are your favorites?

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