Monday, February 25, 2013

Endless Blue (Sinful Colors)

Some colors I come across and just cry out at their gorgeousness. This lovely caught my eye in Walgreens earlier this week while I was on the hunt for Sinful Color's Sugar Rush collection (which I found!). I have no idea what collection this was from or whether it's a core (though it didn't seem to be) and it's almost nowhere to be found on the blogosphere.

It's a bright blue that lives up to its name and I almost want to cal it "Unreal Blue" instead of Endless Blue. Application was a bit of a bother. It's one of those half jelly half creme things that require at least three coats for evenness and opacity and it was a bit troublesome to manage. The payoff however is the business and it comes even more alive in the sunlight. It hurt to take off my nails, it was so gorgeous.


  1. Looks great on you. It is the most gorgeous blue ever!

  2. Thank you!!

    I adore it! It's so distracting to have on but I don't mind looking at it :)


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