Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Envy (Sinful Colors)

This gorgeous green is Envy by Sinful Colors. It's a shade that belonged to their Lone Star Collection (from 2011, I think?) but is being rebooted for the spring though I couldn't peg a collection name from the display it was on at Walgreens. I'm hoping that they don't keep recycling old colors and invest in some new ones.

Application was alright but not what I'm used to from a Sinful Colors creme. The first coat went on extremely sheer and it was a bit dicey on the second coat but it came through alright. Regardless of that, it's a gorgeous creme. I'd definitely say that this is a green leaning towards teal but not quite; I'm calling it for jade green. I also love that it's not so bright, the color is a bit muted.

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