Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goldeneye (OPI) - Bond Edition Mani

I went to see Skyfall last week and forgot to post my mani!

I wish my camera didn't mess with Goldeneye's shine so much; the most accurate visual is on my pinky finger where the light catches it just right. I kept this mani on for a week I loved it so much. The red accent nail is Die Another Day.

 Goldeneye applied easily and took three coats to cover the worst of the bald spots; when the flash is used in pictures I can see some of my nail but this isn't so when in normal light, even sunlight. This is the best gold polish I've seen; it's the perfect color- not too yellow, not too dirty gold.

Now all I want for Christmas is a nail polish collection created in honor of the Bond Women (I hate the term "girl"). Judi Dench's M being premier among them (something constant and blue), followed closely by Naomi Harris' Moneypenny (something rich and purple), Eva Green's Vesper (something classic and grey), Halle Berry's Jinx (something daring and orange), and so on.

Any other color ideas for the Bond Women?

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