Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reggae To Riches (China Glaze)

This is Reggae To Riches (China Glaze), an awesomely bright fuchsia based polish with blue shimmer. I haven't seen this combo- mostly I've come across blues with pink/purple shimmer and purples with pink/blue shimmer- so this was a pleasant addition to the stash.

Application was alright at first with some problems toward the end. At first, the polish is very thin but manages to stay loaded up on the brush which is good but then around the second hand, it gets thick and goopy and needs a kick of thinner to loosen it up. Opacity is okay, but this did take three coats and there is a hint of VNL when the flash hits it. I say this is okay because you really can't tell, or at least I couldn't, in normal lighting which is really what counts.

I am curious as to why the island theme when it comes to shimmery fuchsias? Case in point Essie's Jamaica Me Crazy which has a similar bright fuchsia base to Reggae To Riches.

Kinda makes you wanna go and sip a little bit'a rum and Ting.

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