Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ruby Pumps (China Glaze)

I have rarely ever so wanted to throw my camera against a wall. This is the classic Ruby Pumps from China Glaze and I am distraught at not having nice enough pictures. These are the best I could coax out of my camera but it takes only a google image search to realize the worth of this nail polish and why you should have it in your collection. I could hardly take my eyes off this beauty all day.

Application was smooth though it is very much a jelly and even at three coats, pictured above, I could still see my visible nail line. It dries very quickly though, so it's not like adding coats was much of a bother. To truly smooth it out, a thick topcoat is required, or at least two coats of the average topcoat. I recommend a topcoat especially as it turns up the volume on the shine more than I thought it would.

For a few moments I thought I'd already had a dupe for it in Broadway Burgundy Frost, which is neither quite so burgundy or frosty but it might just be a distant second cousin with slightly similar qualities (Broadway needs a thick topcoat as well and is almost pink red jelly with lots of sparkle).

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