Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunny Side Up (Wet n Wild)

Hello all!

It's been some time since I posted (an entire week, lol!). Anyway, it's just a matter of not having new nail polish for a while... obviously I can't stay away too long. I've been busy with graduation prep and things and feeling stressed out so now that I'm home and have easy access to a drug store other than my usual understocked college CVS, I went and broke my week and some change long sobriety from new nail polish.

I'm also coming back with all new short nails! I had a nail break and decided to just level out the others and start a fresh regrowth instead. The nail edges look a little rough because I'd just gotten done absently filing them so, apologies and all that.

This is Sunny Side Up (Wet n Wild) and it's a bright and sunny orange creme. It finishes off glossy, which I didn't think it would for some reason. Sunny Side Up is stunning in the sunlight and just screams summertime fun. Unfortunately, it suffers from Wet n Wild's stiff brushes that don't really work well with cremes; this isn't helped by the formula requiring three to four coats for opacity and leveling out. In fact I took these pictures at three coats and I wasn't really satisfied with how the polish settled.

I remembered I had another bright yellow orange polish in Naughty Girl (Pure Ice). While I didn't really like how sheer Naughty Girl was alone, I kinda like what it did to Sunny Side Up.

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