Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mint Sorbet (Sally Hansen)

This is a repost and re-swatching of Mint Sorbet.  I'd also note that this is after adding multiple drops of thinner which helped better my experience with the polish so I might be a little kinder.

Mint Sorbet (Sally Hansen)
Price: $1.78
MSRP: $3.00 
Application wasn't pleasant. It was opaque in just two coats but that's if you got lucky and didn't get any streaks, bumps, or bubbling on your nails. I had to add a few more coats to some nails and I don't think I got it even all the way. The pic below is of two coats with no topcoat, which I believe is the standard swatch coat count. As you can see, bumpy and streaky.
two coats
The color is pretty. It's got enough green in it that I can't complain about it being too white, a common complaint I have for pastel. It finishes out as a pretty and glossy creme. It's perfect for spring. I know that mint was huge last spring but it's still quite popular this year, and probably will be for coming springs. However, my search for a great mint continues.

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