Saturday, March 24, 2012

Natasha (Julep)

Natasha (Julep)
Price: $0.005
MSRP: $14
Natasha is a bright orange jelly that really should have been a creme. Application was not so easy. It took four coats for the above picture and the brush felt a bit too thin. It also was extremely slow to dry and was streaky throughout application. I expected better.

However the color is a gorgeous orange and is really a beautiful choice for spring and summer. It's a bit plain when you think of the missed opportunities to add shimmers but isn't too bad and I'm interested in trying it with a white or black polish to start off as a base then build up to this.

I may have made a decision about the Julep Maven program. I'm just not comfy paying $10 for two half size bottles or around $7 for three in some boxes (usually It Girl). As long as they don't start imposing limits, I'm planning on staying subscribed and skipping each month (which as of right now should be of no cost to me). This way I can wait for the mystery boxes, which are closer to being worth the $20 and even that feels splurgy, or I might spot a color in the monthly boxes I cannot live on this earth without.

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