Monday, March 26, 2012

MoMa (NYC)

Look, I found a pink that worked!

MoMa (NYC)
Price: $1.99
MSRP: $1.99

This nail polish confused, me, but in a great way! I'm still stunned that I'm supposed to call it a creme, mostly because the application was so awesome and I rarely have an awesome report from a creme. It took three coats for the pictures but this wasn't a bothersome three coats, just a matter of opacity not streaking. The formula really is a quick-dry and I actually did my nails as I did some homework- applying a coat, letting it dry for a few mins, and back again. I massively enjoyed watching the pink develop on my nails. 

As you can see in the bottle above, it's a very cool blue sort of pink. That blue purple thing it's doing, is what makes it display a little darker in real life depending on what kind of light there is. I haven't tried it in the sun, but I bet it kicks up to very nearly what you see in the pictures. The finish is lovely and glossy in what almost becomes a jelly finish. Unfortunately, I'd just put on some hand lotion so you can't quite see that in the pictures here.

If sheerness bugs you, I recommend layering it over a white polish, as that will pop out the pink and give you quick opaqueness. I've seen it layered over silver and black but that brings out the blue which isn't as pretty, in my opinion (unless of course you're going for a bluer pink). I do love that the color goes from warm to cool and back again with ease, so if you're looking for a pink for all seasons that might suit you, try MoMa, she's a beauty you should have in your permanent collection.

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