Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cosmo (Zoya)

So how was your Valentine's Day weekend? I'm still in recovery.

I happily spent mine with some of my girlfriends and we partied into the night celebrating singledom and friendships strengthened by bad movies (#50shades), burlesque, cute outfits, loud music, and hilarious uber rides.

On my nails for my fab weekend?

Cosmo from Zoya's "Magical" Pixie Dust line which was their upping the amp on their previous Pixie Dust collections. The texture is not my favorite, the original Pixie Dust texture is in my opinion the best glitter texture out there and anything messing with that is superfluous. Application is literally rough, and getting even coverage and an even line is awkward.

I will say this, however: I got this from the New Year New Hue sale specifically for occasions like Valentine's Day weekends where I'd need a bit of extra sparkle glam on the tips. Which it does deliver! Packed with silver glitter of all sizes and a sprinkling of holo hex glitters, it's a stunner on the nail.

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